I pride myself on creating a safe space for anyone I'm intimately involved with, in both my professional and personal life.


Safety is of the utmost importance and takes a number of forms. First and foremost, is your physical safety.  As I'm a male 'face-in' provider (I'm not identifiable), predominately providing a service to women, I offer all new clients the option of a 5-10 minute 'face-out' video call to confirm my identity.  I'm also a registered Sex Worker in Victoria, with a registered business.

My safety is also important which is why I prefer to meet new clients at a 4 or 5-star hotel.  I will meet new clients at private residences but require confirmation of your identity at the time of booking. 


Sexual health is another huge safety factor. I routinely get a full STI test every three months as is requested of me by law. My last test was conducted on the 30th July 2021.

I do not offer natural services for penetrative sex under any circumstances. I do provide the option of covered & uncovered oral sex on both you and me.


Consent is an ongoing conversation. Period. This applies to any sexual encounter, paid or otherwise. Prior to our meeting, I'd like to understand a little about your needs, desires, kinks and boundaries. However, how you feel on the day may differ from our prior conversations, so what you may want or need from our time together, might differ also. We will communicate throughout our time together and you are 100% in control over your body at all times.